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A Skilled Criminal Law Attorney Who Will Treat You Right

If you face criminal charges in Virginia, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing the lawyer who will represent your interests. A criminal defense lawyer should not only be skilled at the law but should also provide clients with personal service and respectful communication. People who turn to Karen Scarborough, Attorney at Law, find both.

Located in Fairfax, Karen Scarborough, Attorney at Law, provides skilled criminal law representation to people facing charges in Fairfax County and throughout the surrounding Virginia communities.

Attorney Karen Scarborough is a strong advocate and understanding ally for people accused of drunk driving, drug possession, sex offenses and other felony and misdemeanor crimes. She will work tenaciously to help you avoid the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction.

Communication Makes A Difference

When you face a high-stakes legal matter such as a criminal charge, communication with your lawyer is essential. Criminal law attorney Scarborough understands this and makes it her daily priority to keep in touch with clients about important updates in their cases. She will return your phone calls and emails promptly and always let you know where you stand.

Attorney Scarborough will stand by your side throughout all aspects of the legal process, with the ultimate goal of helping you put this criminal charge behind you for good. As a sole practitioner, she works with clients personally. Your critical legal matters will not be passed off to a junior associate but instead will be handled personally by Ms. Scarborough herself.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

The sooner you consult with defense lawyer Karen Scarborough, the sooner she can begin building a strong legal defense on your behalf. To arrange a legal consultation, contact her law office online or by telephone at 703-691-1920.